Volumetric Mixer Services in Northern Virginia

Concrete Express is your top concrete delivery provider in all of Northern Virginia. For projects big and small, we provide the materials you need to get the job done right.

We provide and mix concrete in a truck brought directly to your work site. We carry all the materials you need to produce concrete in our own trucks. These materials are mixed on-site through our volumetric mixers, allowing us to make fresh concrete, as you need it, on the job site and to your exact specifications.

This means no waste – you have the material you need and nothing that you don’t. And with Concrete Express, you only pay for what you pour – there’s no need to worry about throwing away money with excess concrete! This also allows you to pour multiple strengths of concrete with a single truck – saving you time and money.

Ready to tackle your next project with North Virginia’s premier concrete delivery service? Don’t wait, call 703-367-9456 today.